The Importance of Stop The Bleed Training

Campus Safety Conference East gave attendees a chance to receive hands on training on stopping life-threatening bleeding.

Campus Safety Conference East attendees got some hands-on training on stopping life-threatening bleeding during a session with Corina Bilger of the H&H Medical Corporation.

Bilger talked about the effectiveness of following proper protocols to stop severe bleeding and explained to attendees that they were more likely to be exposed to severe bleeding than an emergency requiring them to administer CPR.

“When you ask someone if they’ve taken a Stop the Bleed class, you get this blank stare,” Bilger explained. “Let’s face it: [Needing to] stop a bleed will happen more frequently than CPR.”

Many schools and universities around the country have Stop the Bleed kits, but most staff members on campus have never been trained on stopping bleeds and some may not even know what materials are in the kits.

Bilger also said she hopes training sessions like the one she put on at the conference have a trickle down effect at attendees’ institutions.

“If you are trained to stop a bleed then you can train a whole bunch of people to stop a bleed, so not only are you saving someone else’s life but they could possibly save yours,” Bilger said.

Bilger’s presentation, titled Active Shooter? Learn How to Save A Life, attracted a large crowd at CSC East, which took place July 18-20 in Herndon, Virginia this year.

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