EMERgency24 Partners with BluePoint Alert Solutions to Create Crisis Management Platform

In conjunction with BluePoint, EMERgency24’s software allows two-way, multi-media mass communication between groups impacted by a crisis situation.

EMERgency24 Partners with BluePoint Alert Solutions to Create Crisis Management Platform

EMERgency24, an alarm monitoring company, and BluePoint Alert Solutions, an emergency response and prevention systems provider, have partnered up to create a new crisis management platform.

The new platform, dubbed Command and Control (C2), helps minimize the impact of crisis situations, such as an active shooter event or natural disaster.

“EMERgency24 has been making life-safety notifications since 1967 using its own proprietary software and procedures. Our software engineers developed two-way texting capabilities to inform building occupants or residents of an emergency and an online platform for First Responders to share information amongst themselves and the public,” said Steve Mayer, EMERgency24’s Vice President of Operations and Administration.

John McNutt, BluePoint’s CEO said, “BluePoint Alert Solutions developed the hardware to make notification within the facility using strobes, signage and voice annunciators. Plus, we have the knowledge and experience to implement unique security programs to best protect a facility. Our national footprint for installation and EMERgency24’s nationwide dispatch capability is another factor that makes this an excellent partnership.”

In conjunction with BluePoint’s site review, customized security planning and system deployment, EMERgency24’s software allows two-way, multi-media mass communication to impacted groups. The first-responders’ portal also enables real-time IP video camera access through an interactive floor map called Visual Point Identification. The map is said to help shape officer deployment and locate individuals who need medical assistance.

Through text/SMS and email, pre-defined groups are immediately notified of an incident. The notification will identify the type of emergency and provide emergency instruction to building occupants based on a pre-designed protocol. Ongoing instructions from first responders can be shared and adapted as new information becomes available.

Notifications to emergency personnel can include links to the Visual Point Identification interactive floor plan or map that shows where the incident occurred at the site. There is also a link to load driving directions to the location and access to the secure internet portal where two-way communication is facilitated.

To learn more about EMERgency24, visit emergency24.com. For more on BluePoint Alert Solutions, check out bluepointalert.com.

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