Why Campuses Need Multiple Modes of Mass Notification

Several mass notification methods ensure your emergency messages will reach as many people as possible.

Ensuring that your mass notification system offers a wide range of notification options is essential in a crisis. Your campus community will always bias to certain mediums for receiving alerts – whether by a mobile app, SMS text, voice call or any other mechanisms available. Ensuring that members of your community have options for receiving alerts makes them both more likely to receive the notification and also provides redundancy in the event they don’t acknowledge or see a particular message.

That’s why the award winning AppArmor Alert Emergency Notification System aggregates more than 12 different forms of digital alerting. We make it possible for your team to give your people options in terms of how they want to be alerted. While alerts can certainly be targeted to specific groups of subscribers on certain notification mediums, AppArmor Alert provides your team with a single dashboard to send a comprehensive mass notification to all of your subscribers. Regardless of the number of individuals targeted, our messages will be sent in 5 minutes or less.

Not only that, but we can also integrate with loudspeakers, horns, desktop phones, digital signage and other traditional on-premises devices to fully notify your campus in the event of an emergency. Again, using our dashboard, you’re able to trigger notifications or broadcasting behavior on hardware your organization has already purchased. This gives your school the double benefit of getting more value out of other hardware and provides your community with yet another option to be notified during an on-campus emergency.

The AppArmor Alert system has seen considerable adoption across the country, particularly in the education sector. The system is live with hundreds of educational institutions, many of whom have switched over from other emergency notification systems. AppArmor Alert’s modern and intuitive design, combined with powerful notification capabilities, make it a very appealing option for K-12 school districts, universities and colleges. To learn more, please visit apparmor.com/alert.

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