Violence, Rioting Plagues NYC High School

NEW YORK — The NYPD brought in a temporary metal detector on Dec. 13 to curb violent incidents at Murry Bergtraum High School. The campus has experienced a rash of brutality in the past month, including a student riot and the assault of an NYPD officer.

Students rioted on Dec. 9 when Principal Andrea Lewis revoked bathroom privileges. In a separate incident, a 17-year-old student was arrested when he struck an officer in the head with a trashcan, reports. Dozens of students skipped school rather than give up their electronics – which are not allowed on school grounds – upon passing through the metal detector. 

Michael Mulgrew, president of the United Federation of Teachers, issued a statement urging the school to take immediate steps to create a safe learning environment.

Department of Education spokeswoman Marge Feinberg told the news source that the school will be performing random scans to increase security.

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