Texas Attorney General OKs Armed School Employees

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said it’s OK for school district employees to carry handguns at sporting events and school board meetings to protect students.

AUSTIN, Texas – It is not against the law for employees at Texas school districts to carry handguns to protect students at school sporting events or during school board meetings, Attorney General Greg Abbott wrote in an opinion released Friday.

The safety measure, known as the guardian plan, provides armed protection for smaller, rural school districts that cannot afford to hire security. Guardian plans require employees to obtain a concealed handgun permit, American-Statesman reports.

Abbott released the opinion after Rep. Joe Pickett (D-El Paso) asked the attorney general last year if guardian plans conflict with state law that bans concealed handgun license holders from bringing weapons to high school sporting events or meetings of a governmental body.

In the opinion, Abbott also suggested that districts consult with a lawyer before drafting guardian plans.

Opponents of the plan argued that putting more guns on campus could be more dangerous because if police have to respond to a school shooting, they could mistake a guardian for a suspect, Houston Chronicle reports.

Meanwhile, members of the National Rifle Association said the guardian plan would have little effect, they only expect a handful of districts to take advantage of the laws.

Currently, about 10 rural districts have created guardian plans.

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