Student Data Hacked at U. of Nebraska

Around 30,000 people may have been affected in the computer breach.

Officials at the University of Nebraska Lincoln campus announced the school was the victim of a large computer security breach Tuesday.

The breach was described in a letter to current and former students from UNL Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Mark Askren.

“The university’s investigation found that there was unauthorized external access to information on [a] server including possible access to files containing both names and NU IDs,” the letter said.

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Student grading information was also exposed, although more critical data like Social Security numbers and financial information was not accessed.

The breach was detected on a computer server that hosted a math placement exam. Officials suspect the hack occurred sometime in the last two years.

The server has since been shut down and current students have been asked to change their passwords to the MyRed system. Students were also asked to monitor their accounts and report suspicious activity.

Around 30,000 people received the notification.

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