RFK’s Son on Trial for Altercation With Nurses

MOUNT KISCO, N.Y. — The trial involving Douglas Kennedy , for allegedly assaulting nurses as he tried to take his newborn son out of the hospital without permission, started on Monday. Defense attorneys said he was acting instinctively as a new father.

Kennedy, son of the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, faces charges of physical harassment and child endangerment for allegedly twisting the arm of one nurse and kicking another to the floor at Northern Westchester Hospital on Jan. 7, according to the Associated Press. Kennedy maintains that the nurses overreacted, as he was only taking the baby out to get fresh air.

However, prosecutors said Kennedy had to be stopped because he was violating hospital policy. Witnesses testified that the incident prompted two hospital-wide alarms — “code purple” and “code pink” — that declared a disorderly situation and a missing baby, the Huffington Post reports.

Prior to the trial, Judge John Donohue ordered the hospital to release written policies about when and how parents can take their infants from the hospital.

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