Report: Police Response to Berkeley Protest ‘Irresponsible’

SAN FRANCISCO — A report released by the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) on Wednesday calls out campus police officers for clubbing student protestors during an Occupy demonstration on Nov. 9.

“The police hit some students while they seemed bent over in pain from prior strikes to the gut,” the campus Police Review Board’s report said. The panel urged UC Berkeley administrators and its police department to improve planning and procedures for handling protests in the future, the Associated Press report. The report also pushes for clearer communication of school policies and dialogues between police and protestors before police action is taken.

In an addendum to the report, committee member Eve Weissman wrote that “Campus leadership’s preparations for and response to the day’s action was unjustified, inadequate and irresponsible.”

Read the full story.

Read the report.

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