Presidential Candidates Owe Police for Campaign Security

The combined bill for the three candidates is over half a million dollars.

Nearly 40 different law enforcement agencies and municipal governments claim Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton owe money for security provided during their campaigns.

An analysis of the claims by The Center for Public Integrity shows the agencies, which include at least one university police department, claim the former presidential candidates “ignored hundreds of thousands of dollars in outstanding bills,” reports

The analysis found that Sanders owes $449,409, Trump owes $204,000 and Clinton owes $25,000 to police departments across the country.

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Philadelphia police say they’ll be forwarding their Clinton campaign invoice to the city’s legal department if the campaign doesn’t respond to their third notice.

The Sanders campaign acknowledges in federal campaign filings that it owes the law enforcement agencies money, but the Trump and Clinton campaign financial disclosures do not acknowledge their security debts.

“[The Sanders campaign] said the bill was exorbitant and too high, and that they didn’t ask for the manpower,” Upper Providence Township Police Chief Mark Toomey said. “What if I said, ‘Look, you’re on your own, have fun,’ and a fight breaks out or something terrible happens? I’m the one who gets skewered. The negatives are endless.”

None of the three campaigns responded to requests for comment.

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