Police: St. Louis Campus Shooting Result of Road Rage

No arrests have been made in connection to Wednesday's shooting.
Published: April 21, 2016

Police say the shooting on a St. Louis college campus that wounded a school employee April 20 was motivated by road rage.

Clayton police are still searching for the man who shot a food service worker on Washington University’s campus around 1:30 p.m., according to the Winnipeg Free Press.

The victim was riding in a car on the road that separates the main campus from the primary residential housing area when a man fired several shots from another car. The victim, whose name has not been released, was taken to a local hospital where she is expected to survive.

The shooting sparked a 90-minute lockdown and emergency alerts as school officials and police tried to get more information on the incident. At 3 p.m., a university alert lifted the lockdown and advised students to “resume your normal activities.”

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Many students described their fear after hearing several gunshots ring across a crowded quad on campus and subsequent emergency sirens. Students also quickly received alerts from the university instructing them to shelter in place.

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“Everybody was freaking out,” said freshman Jordan Isikow, who ran inside a psychology building after hearing the shots.

Washington University, which enrolls around 15,000 undergraduate and graduate students, has a police department that employs 52 officers, including 28 deputized police.

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