New ‘Flakka’ Drug Causing Concern Among Health Officials

Flakka, which also goes by gravel, gives users a similar high to cocaine and has been involved in several overdoses and crimes in the past year.

Health and law enforcement officials are warning the public about a new drug known as flakka that can be extremely dangerous.

Flakka, also known as gravel, can be smoked, injected or snorted and causes a similar high to cocaine, but with longer lasting effects. Experts say flakka is much more dangerous than cocaine because it’s more difficult to control the exact dose you’re taking. Flakka also contains a chemical similar to one found in bath salts, which were banned in 2012.

Flakka is currently under a temporary ban from the Drug Enforcement Administration, though in some cases dealers can get around that without breaking the law. A permanent ban on flakka would likely take several years.

Law enforcement authorities in Florida are warning citizens about the drug after several notable criminal cases involving flakka, including an instance when a man who later admitted to being on flakka broke down hurricane-proof doors in a police department.

Flakka cases have also appeared in Alabama, Mississippi and New Jersey.

Flakka predominantly comes from China and is sold through dealers or gas stations at prices as low as $3 dollars, according to CNN.

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