Memphis Women in Jail after Bringing Gun into Hospital, Fighting

Two women, one of whom had a gun, started a fight with a patient’s relative in a Memphis hospital.

Two women were arrested after walking into a Memphis hospital on May 26 with a gun and starting a fight inside of a patient’s room.

21-year-old Kenterica Wilson and 20-year-old Cynthia Morris walked into Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital located in downtown Memphis and began arguing with the mother of a patient. A fight quickly broke out between the two women and the mother of Domonique Jones, who was staying at the hospital at the time. Hospital security was able to stop the fight and notify police immediately, according to

A bag was knocked out of Wilson’s hand during the fight, and security officers later found a gun inside. According to the police report, Wilson also threatened to shoot the patient’s mother when she walked into the hospital room.

The hospital said in a statement that its security staff perfectly executed their emergency plans. The hospital maintains a staff of up to 12 security officers on duty at all times.

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