Mass. Governor Signs Anti-Bullying Bill

BOSTON—Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick signed a bill designed to prohibit bullying on school property and cyberbullying on Monday.

The bill additionally bans bullying on school property and at school-sponsored events, reports Also prohibited is cyberbullying by E-mail or through social media networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

Schools will also be required to add bullying prevention programs to their curriculum, and staff members will also be required to attend bullying training.

Under the new legislation, school staff must report bullying incidents to the principal who must then investigate each case and take the proper disciplinary action. Furthermore, principals are required to notify the parents of the victim and the bully when an incident is reported. Schools must meet with parents before developing anti-bullying plans.

Moreover, the bill steps up protection for children with autism and other special needs by helping the students respond better to bullying incidents.

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