Legislation Permits Mo. Schools to Educate 1st Graders on Gun Safety

ST. LOUIS — Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signed a new measure into law last week that would add gun safety as part of the first-grade curriculum in some of the state’s public schools.

The measure, which is part of a larger public safety bill (HCS/SB 75), encourages schools to teach gun safety to first graders through programs like the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) “Eddie Eagle” Gunsafe Program, CNN reports.

According to the bill, the program will teach students how they should respond if they come across a firearm. It also prohibits school staff and teachers from using firearms to teach the program.

Sponsored by Sen. Dan Brown, the legislation was introduced one day before the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Brown said the incident didn’t spur any changes to the law; rather, it made the legislation more relevant.

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