County Schools to Parents: Pick Up Your Kids at Bus Stops or Else

Hillsborough County is planning on taking action against parents and guardians who aren’t waiting for their kindergarteners when they are dropped off by the school bus.

A Florida county is taking action against parents or guardians with kindergarten students who fail to meet the school buses at the end of the school day. The school district is hoping to avoid delays in the routes when the buses have to return or have to wait for someone to arrive at the stop.

Hillsborough officials say parents not picking up their kids from school bus stops happened about 1,600 times last school year, according to a Tampa Bay Times report. Now, school administrators can send out an “initial KG bus letter” to warn the parents as many times as they want. After that, a second letter will order parents to come to school for a meeting to discuss the reasons for no one being at the bus stop. If it continues to happen, the chief of security will then determine whether the district should get involved or call in child services.

The official report showed schools were dealing with repeat offenders with Mondays, Fridays and work days before holidays being the times when it was happening the most. The report also showed this year’s numbers are tracking to be the same as last year.

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