Extremists Injure 2 Professors With Letter Bomb

MONTERREY, Mexico — An anti-technology group linked to attacks against academics in Europe is now apparently operating in the Western Hemisphere. Mexican authorities say the group is responsible for a package bomb that injured two professors from the Monterrey Technological Institute in Monterrey, Mexico on August 8.

The explosives injured two professors – one of whom was involved in robotics research – but neither suffered life-threatening injuries, Fox News reports. Another suspicious envelope was sent to Mexico’s National Polytechnical Institute on August 9, but it didn’t detonate.

The group “Individuals Tending to Savagery” (ITS) was identified from a partially destroyed note found at the scene of the explosion, according to Mexico State Attorney General Alfredo Castillo. He warned universities to increase security and notify authorities of anything suspicious.

ITS is opposed to nanotechnology.

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