Enhancing Campus Safety with Unified Emergency Mass Notification Solutions

Multi-modal mass notifications help organizations reach people located on campus and beyond the building by simultaneously delivering alerts to disparate systems.

Every emergency is unique, which is why it’s important for campus leaders to have the right tools to share timely information with the appropriate stakeholders. Understanding what needs to be communicated, which group(s) to notify and the appropriate notification delivery methods are all important factors to consider when building a comprehensive emergency notification strategy.

Emergency mass notification systems help schools rapidly share safety information with faculty, security personnel, students, visitors, first responders and parents. They remove the guess work during critical times where stress levels are high, mistakes are costly, and lives may be at risk.

Multi-modal notifications help schools reach people located on campus and beyond the building by simultaneously delivering alerts to disparate systems, such as overhead speakers, strobes, digital signs, IP phones, desktops, email, mobile recipients, social media channels and more. In addition, integrating access control systems to automatically lock or unlock building entrances can isolate campus threats in the event of a lockdown.

Schools also need tools to effectively manage incident response and reunification, as well as a coordinated effort with local 911 dispatchers and first responders; all of which are key to saving lives. When these solutions work together, they significantly narrow the time between detection and incident resolution.

For more information about unified emergency notification solutions, contact us at www.syn-apps.com/contact-us.


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