Concealed Carry Law Costs Idaho Colleges $3.7M

Five Idaho colleges expect to rack up $3.7 million in expenses for the year to increase campus security following the passage of a law allowing concealed weapons on campus.

Five universities and community colleges in Idaho spent $1.5 million to increase security following the passage of a concealed carry law that went into effect July 1. The institutions expect total costs to top $3.7 million for the year.

Boise State University, Idaho State University, the University of Idaho, the College of Western Idaho and North Idaho College incurred more than $1.5 million in expenses for personnel, training and equipment to improve campus security and have already racked up $2.17 million in costs for the rest of the year, the Idaho Statesman reports. For example, Boise State paid $1.4 million for a campus police chief, assistant director of event security, emergency management director, security technology manager, armed and unarmed officers, administrative support, metal detectors, signs, ballistic vests and a patrol vehicle.

The new law permits retired law enforcement officers and people carrying Idaho’s enhanced concealed-carry permits to bring guns on to campus. However, weapons are not allowed in dorms or buildings that hold more than 1,000 people.

The schools will most likely not be reimbursed for the additional expenses because Gov. Butch Otter didn’t include the costs in the state budget and the legislature will most likely not add the money.

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