Campus Security Technology Trends to Watch in 2024

Take a peek at the hot technologies that should be on everyone’s radar this year.

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The overall demand for security technology is forecast to be strong in 2024, according to the latest research from the Security Industry Association (SIA), and studies conducted by Campus Safety in the past year confirm SIA’s rosy outlook for college campuses, K-12 schools and districts, and healthcare facilities. 

As we begin another year, there is no better time to review the security technology trends we’ve been experiencing recently to see which ones will continue, as well as new solutions your organization might want to consider.  

Is your organization leading the pack, in lockstep with your peers, or lagging behind? The following free report will show you where your campus stands on the following: 

  • Access Control 
  • Visitor Management 
  • Video Surveillance 
  • Emergency Notification 
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