Clemson U Suspends Mandatory Survey About Sexual History

Clemson suspends survey after students, faculty and staff express concerns about invasion of privacy.

Clemson University suspended a mandatory online survey for students, faculty and staff due to its invasive questions on sexual history and drug and alcohol use.

The university said it was using a third-party vendor to conduct the survey for online Title IX Training.

The university stated that the answers to these personal questions would be anonymous and were being collected to satisfy federal requirements and clarify “exaggerated perception[s] of the behaviors of their peers,” reports Campus Reform and,

Students expressed concern that their responses would not be anonymous because they had to use their names and student IDs to log into the survey.

“If it’s more general questions, it’s OK, to ask what’s going on around campus, that’s fine,” said Clemson sophomore Kayleigh Allender. “But they were very specific and very intrusive in the way they go about asking them, and it’s just too much.”

It is not clear if the Title IX Training will continue. Clemson University said the invasive questions were a small part of the whole survey, and that they have the option of changing the questions or removing them from the survey completely. – Columbia, South Carolina |

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