Chinese Schools to Use Drones to Catch Students Cheating

Chinese school officials are planning to deploy drones to identify students who use high tech methods to cheat on the National College Entrance Exam.

School officials in a city in the Chinese province of Henan plan to use drone technology to catch students cheating during exams.

Students in China are currently preparing for the National College Entrance Exam, which has become known as “the world’s toughest exam.”

The test has led many students to cheat using increasingly sophisticated, high tech methods. For example, some students have worn glasses with tiny cameras that transmit images of the exam to an accomplice outside the assessment room. The co-conspirator then feeds the answers back to the test-taker via an earpiece, Fox News reports.

To combat this, school officials plan to deploy drones to monitor students. Unlike most drones, the devices will not have an attached camera. Rather, the quadcopters will be equipped with gear to detect and pinpoint radio signals to help exam proctors catch cheating students.

The drones will hover above the exam room at an altitude of around 500 meters while monitoring for radio signals to a distance of about 1 kilometer.

If the drone detects a signal, the information is sent to the proctor’s tablet. The teacher can then use the system’s specially designed app to pinpoint the signal’s source.

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