Campus Safety Conference Adds School Governance Track to Both 2023 Shows

Published: May 23, 2023

Campus Safety is excited to announce that in addition to our fantastic K-12 and Higher Education focused tracks, we will be adding a new school governance “mini-track” to this year’s Campus Safety Conferences (CSC), taking place in Henderson, Nevada (July 10-12) and Dallas, Texas (July 31-August 2).

Public primary and secondary schools are governed by federal, state, and local policies, which are created by Congress, state boards of education, and local school boards, among others. Each level of government impacts how schools are run, and navigating this triangular system can be complex and nuanced.

In conjunction with the Idaho School Safety and Security Program, CSC’s mini-track on school governance in campus safety and security will feature three one-hour sessions and one two-hour workshop. Experts will speak to various school safety and security topics that regularly impact those involved in school governance. Below is a breakdown of the sessions.

Session: The Role of School Governance in School

  • Speaker: Guy Bliesner, School Safety & Security Analyst, Idaho School Safety and Security Program, Office of the State Board of Education
  • Description: School Board Trustees form an integral part of the school leadership team. Among their many roles and responsibilities, is to provide for the development, approval, deployment, funding, and implementation of a school’s comprehensive safety and security plan. This session will focus on both the “nuts and bolts” processes required as well as how to avoid being pulled too deeply into the weeds of this complex topic.

Session: Creating a Security-Friendly Culture in Schools

  • Speaker: Guy Bliesner, School Safety & Security Analyst, Idaho School Safety and Security Program, Office of the State Board of Education
  • Description: A review of security lapses in schools indicates that, in most cases, the cause is human failure. With that as a basis, developing a school culture that actively embraces security processes and effectively uses the security tools available becomes a paramount consideration. The session will focus on methods proven effective to alter both staff and student behavior to provide a much more secure school environment.

Session: Improving School Security: From the Local School Board to the State Legislature, A Policy Makers Perspective

  • Speaker: Wendy Horman, Idaho State Representative
  • Description: Improving school security has always been a collaborative effort. It must include parents, students, educators, administrators, and first responders. The often forgotten, but critically important binding element, is the policymaker. From the local school board to local government to the state legislature, those serving have an important and commonly misunderstood role to play. This presentation will focus on one policymaker’s 20-year journey and the lessons learned in helping to create safer and more secure schools in Idaho.

Workshop: Crisis Communication Training for School Governance Teams

  • Speaker: John McDonald, Chief Operating Officer, The Council for School Safety Leadership
  • Description: The most effective leaders are accountable. School leaders: It’s time to account for safety. The decisions made by superintendents and school boards in the first five days following tragedy will define the next five years; and the perception of how a crisis is managed will be defined by your communication plan. This workshop looks at the decision points, successes, and failures of response and recovery and the impact that loss of life, loss of trust, litigation, and legislation has when tragedy happens at a school.

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Additional 2023 Campus Safety Conference Sessions

If you aren’t involved in school governance, CSC will cover dozens of other topics that impact K-12 and college campuses. The CSCs feature critical safety and security sessions, full-day, hands-on-learning workshops, 50+ product and solution providers, and extensive opportunities to network with campus peers from across the country.

The theme for the 2023 Campus Safety Conferences is “Prepare to Prevent.” Some of the topics covered include active assailant response, access control, weather preparedness, sexual assault investigations, Clery Act compliance, funding, recruiting employees, scenario training, and much more.

Additionally, tornado survivor Dr. C.J. Huff, retired superintendent for the Joplin, Missouri School District, will keynote the conferences. In his presentation, titled “If I Had a Dime…,” Huff will discuss his and his district’s experience before, during, and after the massive EF5 tornado that devastated the schools and other buildings in his district, as well as most of the surrounding community.

To register, visit us online at Advanced pricing ends June 14.

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