4 Canadian Hospitals Receive More Security Funds

The British Columbia health ministry announced the security funds following protests by the B.C. Nurses’ Union.

The British Columbia health ministry will be giving $2 million extra to four hospitals in the province to improve security.

Forensic Psychiatric Hospital, Seven Oaks Tertiary Mental Health, Abbotsford Regional Hospital and the Hillside Centre will be receiving the added funds after being identified as having the highest risk of violence.

The money will go toward adding staff members, violence prevention training and new alarms in the health facilities. The increased staffing levels will ensure no nurses work alone at any point in their shifts, according to surreyleader.com.

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The upgrades come after protests by the B.C. Nurses’ Union following an assault on a nurse in March. Campus Safety had previously reported that the union was demanding better staffing, improved training and more access to protective technology.

Eight other health facilities have been identified in the province as needing additional help and more funds are expected to be used toward hospital security this fall.

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