Student Helps Security Officer Take Down Attacker

The officer was attempting to arrest one suspect with a knife and another in a mask.

A student at a Florida university is being hailed as a hero after he assisted a security officer in a struggle with two suspects.

Marcus Childs, a freshman at Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach Fla., assisted in the arrest of a person fighting with a female security officer on campus.

The incident began around 9:25 p.m. Sept. 14 when the officer responded to complaints of men threatening students with a knife.

The officer located two men, one wielding a knife and the other in a mask, and attempted to take them into custody. The suspect with the weapon reportedly swung the blade at the officer and ran away. The masked suspect began fighting with the officer. During that struggle Childs heard a commotion and ran outside.

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“He had a little step on her, so she needed help,” Childs says of the officer. “So I just went in and grabbed him and put him on the floor, that’s it. I saw someone that needed help, so I just helped them out. Plus, she’s a lady and I don’t like seeing men hit females, so I just helped her out.”

The suspect, Delante Wilcox, was arrested and has been charged with assault of a law enforcement officer, trespassing on school grounds and breach of peace.

Police are still looking for the second suspect. The officer involved captured the incident on her body worn camera and police are using that footage as they continue the investigation, reports

Meanwhile, Bethune-Cookman Chief of Public Safety Gregory Elder called Childs’ intervention courageous and others are calling him a hero.

“That could happen again if he would’ve gotten away, and we don’t need that at Bethune-Cookman,” Childs says. “We’re a great university and we have to keep it up.”

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