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Campus Safety is owned by Emerald Expositions, a leading operator of business-to-business trade shows in the United States. Please contact our corporate offices, editors and sales team for further information.

Corporate Contacts

Emerald Expositions
111 Speen Street
Framingham, MA 01701
Phone: 800.440.2139
Customer Service: 774-505-8058

Editorial Contacts


Robin Hattersley Gray
Phone: 424-738-0211
Email: robin.hattersley@emeraldexpo.com

Senior Editor

Amy Rock
Phone: 774.505.8035
Email: amy.rock@emeraldexpo.com

Web Editor

Katie Malafronte
Phone: 774.505.8039
Email: katie.malafronte@emeraldexpo.com

Media Sales Contacts


Steven Nesbitt
Phone: 774.505.8015
Email: steve.nesbitt@emeraldexpo.com

Associate Publisher & Western Sales Manager

Dynise Hiebert
Phone: 760.519.5541
Fax: 866.726.7730
Email: dynise.hiebert@emeraldexpo.com

Eastern Sales Manager

Sarah Flanagan
Phone: 207.847.0581
Fax: 207.882.2117
Email: sarah.flanagan@emeraldexpo.com

Account Manager

Laura McDermott
Phone: 774.505.8016
Email: laura.mcdermott@emeraldexpo.com

Marketing Director

Mary McIntire
Phone: 774.505.8022
Email: mary.mcintire@emeraldexpo.com


Creative Services Director

Manuela Rosengard
Phone: 774.505.8052
Email: manuela.rosengard@emeraldexpo.com

Director of Client Experience

Jeffrey Miller
Phone: 774.505.8055
Email: jeff.miller@emeraldexpo.com

Additional Contact Information

About Campus Safety

Campus Safety (CS) magazine and CampusSafetyMagazine.com exclusively serve campus police chiefs, security directors, IT personnel, emergency managers and executive administrators involved in the public safety and security of major hospitals, schools and universities in the United States. The print version is issued eight times per year and is distributed to more than 18,000 campus safety and security professionals nationwide. Online, CampusSafetyMagazine.com attracts over 94,000 unique visitors each month, and is growing rapidly to serve the needs of the expanding campus safety market.

About Emerald Expositions

Emerald is a leading operator of business-to-business trade shows in the United States. They currently operate more than 55 trade shows, as well as numerous other face-to-face events. In 2017, Emerald’s events connected over 500,000 global attendees and exhibitors and occupied more than 6.9 million NSF of exhibition space. Visit Emerald Expositions

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