Spotlight on: Campus Safety Conference 2019

The Campus Safety Conference is a 2-day intense conference for administrators and public safety officials, security and law enforcement executives from all over the country looking for solutions to campus safety, security, emergency management and technology challenges.

Public Safety

Read: 7 Steps to Better Radios

7 Steps to Better Radios

Campus police and security officers must be confident theirtwo-way communications devices will be able to send and receive signalswith outside agencies during and after a disaster strikes.Here’s how healthcare and educational institutions can becertain their radios will be ready.

Responding to Abusive Patient Behavior (Part I of III): 3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Training Staff

Healthcare workers, police and security personnel greatly benefit from training that shows them how to appropriately deal with patients, visitors and even other employees who may become disruptive or violent. But if that training isn’t delivered properly andto the right people, problems can result. This first part of our serieson managing abusive patients discusses how hospitals can avoid themistakes often made when developing their education programs.

Va. Tech Shooter Sent Package Containing Diatribe, Videos, Photos to News Station Between Shootings

Ohio University Police to Carry Stun Guns

CCUPCA 2007 Training Conference Starts April 11

New Driver-Check System Unveiled in Connecticut

Legislation to Fund COPS Program Passes Senate

New York Student Loan Probe Settlement Announced

New Jersey Teens Steer School Bus to Safety

State Takes Over Troubled St. Louis School District

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