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Campus Safety’s Top 10 School Security Studies of 2016

Here are the 10 most compelling research studies CS covered this past year.

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The former Keene State College director will become the assistant vice president of public safety at La Salle University. By CS Staff · January 11, 2017

The misalignment of protection technology’s abilities with the operational reality of running a campus can turn the use of security equipment into security theater. By Guy Bliesner and Mike Munger · January 11, 2017

A woman was escorted out of multiple hospitals in the area under suspicion of attempting an infant abduction. By CS Staff · January 10, 2017

The school security upgrades will cost the district $158,000. By CS Staff · January 03, 2017

Here are the 10 most compelling research studies CS covered this past year. By Robin Hattersley Gray · December 29, 2016

CSUN uses video analytics to identify incidents as they happen and has reduced grand theft auto by 60 percent. By Robin Hattersley Gray · December 23, 2016

ASU officials had said they were expanding the camera system in the summer of 2014. By CS Staff · December 14, 2016

Here are some helpful equipment selection, planning, and maintenance tips that will ensure your healthcare campus gets the most from its security cameras. December 08, 2016

The school bus company will invest in a complaint management system, a video surveillance system and a new executive safety position. By CS Staff · December 07, 2016

University implements video surveillance and identification card solutions to protect its massive new complex. By Monique Merhige · November 14, 2016