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13 Ways You Can Prevent a School Rampage

Here’s how a rural-suburban high school was able to thwart an active shooter and active bomber attack.

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Carelton College hazing and sexual assault allegations have led to the suspension of 13 students. By CS Staff · May 24, 2017

The University of Kentucky’s Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity reportedly paddled and hazed pledging students. By CS Staff · May 23, 2017

The most common types of bullying are verbal bullying, social bullying, physical bullying and cyber bullying. By Zach Winn · May 10, 2017

College students accused of sexual assault allege unfair treatment in university Title IX proceedings. By CS Staff · May 03, 2017

Francisco Sousa received $10,000 in a settlement with San Diego State University for the school's handling of a sexual assault allegation against him. By CS Staff · May 02, 2017

Hazing prevention starts with education for both school staff members and students. Stopping hazing on your campus won't happen overnight! By Zach Winn · April 24, 2017

Advocacy groups including the Virginia chapter of the ACLU argue that the school's student disciplinary policies are being implemented in a racist manner, discirminating against black students and students with disabilities. By CS Staff · April 19, 2017

So far, 16 student athletes from La Vernia High School in Texas and Hamilton High School in Arizona have been arrested for hazing involving sexual assault. By Robin Hattersley Gray · April 14, 2017

College students accused of sexual assault should have a more fair and balanced university disciplinary review, according to a new report. Unfair rules put the burden of proof on accused students who may be greatly affected by college sexual assault rulings, according to The American College of Trial Lawyers. By CS Staff · April 13, 2017

Harvard sexual assault policies have been scrutinized from those outside and within the Harvard University community. In an effort to improve its sexual assault response, education and Title IX compliance, the school announced a series of changes to its Title IX Office. Harvard sexual assault investigations will now exclusively be handled by the Office of Dispute Resolution (headed by Bill D. McCants) while Harvard sexual assault prevention and education will be handled by new Title IX Officer Nicole M. Merhill. By CS Staff · April 12, 2017