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A Virginia Tech Shooting Survivor’s Story

Lisa Hamp · April 18, 2017
Although Lisa Hamp wasn't shot during the 2007 Virginia Tech active shooter attack, she was still traumatized. Recovery is both physical and mental.
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CS Staff · May 25, 2017
The total security software solution for your patrol and response department.

CS Staff · May 25, 2017
The school’s Title IX investigation found “clear and convincing evidence” that Blake Wentworth had engaged in misconduct.

CS Staff · May 25, 2017
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CS Staff · May 24, 2017
It will also list fraternity and sorority hazing, alcohol abuse and other violations.

Robin Hattersley Gray · May 24, 2017
Role playing with school stakeholders is the first step to ensuring your emergency plans and procedures are effective.

CS Staff · May 24, 2017
Carelton College hazing and sexual assault allegations have led to the suspension of 13 students.

Advertorial · May 23, 2017
Siemens' Desigo Mass Notification (MNEC) System helps Kent School reach all students across its 1,200-acre campus, increasing responsiveness and control.

Robin Hattersley Gray · May 23, 2017
Although school buses reduce student absenteeism, some districts are cutting these services.

CS Staff · May 23, 2017
The state Supreme Court upheld a ruling that the college was not responsible for the disappearance, rape and murder of Tyler Thomas.

CS Staff · May 23, 2017
The University of Kentucky’s Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity reportedly paddled and hazed pledging students.