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McCaskill to Deliver Keynote at Campus Safety National Forum

CS Staff · April 30, 2015
Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) will speak on college campus sexual violence at the National Forum June 25.
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CS Staff · May 21, 2015
A new survey found hazing to be a major problem in college marching bands.

Robin Hattersley Gray · May 21, 2015
While the rate of reported violent incidents on K-12 campuses has declined, the use of technology and drills has increased.

Jessica Kennedy · May 21, 2015
Institutions of higher education should consider investing in technologies that promote equality for students with disabilities.

CS Staff · May 20, 2015
Hofstra University is in the process of installing 11 Boon Edam turnstiles in their residence halls.

CS Staff · May 20, 2015
An Oklahoma teen's rape of a 16-year-old sparked protests at his high school when students felt not enough was being done.

CS Staff · May 20, 2015
A 63-year-old man struck a hospital security worker in the chest with an IV pole after nurses found drugs on him.

CS Staff · May 20, 2015
A school bus driver in Kentucky unknowingly dragged a 7-year-old girl as he drove away from a bus stop.

Zach Winn · May 20, 2015
President Obama announced he's restricting the flow of military equipment to police forces.

CS Staff · May 19, 2015
A judge found that the Rocky Mountain Eye Center in Montana wrongfully claimed an HIPAA violation when firing an employee.

Zach Winn · May 19, 2015
RaShall M. Brackney, a former Pittsburgh police commander, will Lead George Washington University’s Police Department starting in June.