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Clery Center Debunks Myths Surrounding Campus Annual Security Reports

CS Staff · October 22, 2015
In this video, Clery Center Executive Director Alison Kiss covers common misconceptions surrounding college ASRs.
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CS Staff · November 25, 2015
The Kaspersky Lab and B2B International study shows employees are responsible for 42 percent of confidential data losses.

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The University of Denver's Division of Campus Safety is the first private, non-sworn department to enter the accreditation program.

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Steven Eugene Reynolds reportedly died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after fatally shooting his stepdaughter.

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Here's how the University of Florida successfully applied 32NCSI’s Hazing Assessment Tool.

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No one was injured in the shooting and police have located the shooting suspect.

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The teens reportedly fired the shots into the air from the stadium parking lot.

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The state's public university officials say they have struggled to keep up with an increase in student enrollment.

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The city will pay $54,000 to the four former students who brought the case.

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The Atlanta University Center will add 40 surveillance cameras to its four campuses.

CS Staff · November 20, 2015
The Spotswood School District will upgrade the communication systems in its high school and middle school.