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Top Surveillance Videos of the Week: ‘Grinch’ Tries to Steal Christmas

CS Staff · December 22, 2015
A family in Mobile, Ala., is hoping their security camera footage of a man stealing Christmas decorations from their home will lead to an arrest and the return of the stolen goods.
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CS Staff · February 11, 2016
The teen texted information to a relative that helped police locate and arrest the armed student.

CS Staff · February 11, 2016
Police believe the fight was instigated by people from the Grand Rapids area.

Zach Winn · February 10, 2016
Brian Richmond became the latest in a long line of prominent scientist to be punished in recent months for allegations of sexual assault or sexual misconduct. Many of the scientists had direct involvement with universities and colleges in the U.S. and held influential positions. Among the other scientists is University of Chicago Molecular Biologist Jason Lieb, Christian Ott, an astronomer with with California Institute of Technology and University of California Berkeley Astronomy Professor Geoffrey Marcy. The institutions responsible for investigating the alleged sexual assaults and in many cases punishing the scientists found guilty have faced criticism for being too leniant. Because the National Science Foundation is a federal organization it faces the same requirements under Title IX as federally-funded universities. Title IX coordinators have been involved in some of the sexual assault investigations.

CS Staff · February 10, 2016
The signs inform visitors that some staff members at the school can legally carry guns.

CS Staff · February 10, 2016
A new study disproves the notion that the controversial fatal shooting of Michael Brown has led to an increase in crime.

CS Staff · February 09, 2016
The Gay Straight Alliance Club was approved by the school in December.

CS Staff · February 09, 2016
The student argued Washington and Lee University's sexual assault policies failed to provide an equitable disciplinary process. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

CS Staff · February 08, 2016
Both the accused and the alleged victim are part of the Association for Student Conduct Administration.

CS Staff · February 06, 2016
Students and faculty have voiced their frustrations about the hack on social media since the school's announcement.

CS Staff · February 05, 2016
Schools may not be aware that their dorms are listed on the apartment rental service website.