7 Step Active Shooter Threat Assessment & Action Plan

This training helps you overcome the shock and disbelief of an active shooter so you can react quickly to take steps to save lives.

In the wake of the tragedies involving gun violence that we have all witnessed, starting from Columbine CO in 1999, to VA Tech in 2011, Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida all schools and organizations should have an emergency action plan (EAP) that includes guidelines for dealing with an Active Shooter.

However, beginning the process of addressing the potential threat of an active shooter at your facility can be overwhelming.

What Will You Say When You’re Asked About Your Active Shooter Plan?

Be prepared! Get access to our Active Shooter training course here.  This comprehensive course includes core training with 7 sessions of Active Shooter safety training including the pre-planning section, the Personal Plan section (Run, Fight, Hide), and the summary.

  • Defining the Threat
  • Recognizing Signs of Potential Violence
  • Recognizing Signs of the Active Shooter Event
  • Personal Response Plan – Run
  • Personal Response Plan – Hide
  • Personal Response Plan – Fight
  • The Aftermath – Learn the Lessons from an Event

You’ll also get:

Bonus Training – Focuses on four areas of special consideration: K-12, Higher Ed, Healthcare facilities and Houses of Worship. Each section has an overview.

Presentation Templates: The four presentation templates are located in each of the bonus training areas.

This Active Shooter Online Course will teach you how to quickly identify that an active shooter situation is happening.  This will enable you and your team to respond quickly to the threat, saving lives by taking fast and decisive action in the presence of a life-threatening situation. Every second counts, and communicating quickly and clearly will result in saved lives.

About the Trainer:

Todd Brubaker Todd Brubaker, MBA, CPP has been working in the safety and security training industry for over 25 years. A former US Marine, Todd served at the American embassies in Malta, Nicaragua, London, and at the US Interest Section in Havana, Cuba. He was also a firing member of the USMC Far East Division Match team. During that time Todd was not only a firing member of the team but also conducted the training and coordination for the team.

As a law enforcement officer and trainer, Todd has over 13 years’ experience as a police firearms instructor, tactical team member and trainer, and program developer. Todd is certified as an instructor for combat handgun, tactical rifle, and precision rifle, and regularly trains security teams in firearms, defensive tactics, and arrest procedures.

He has developed and trained security teams for churches, outdoor concert events, and currently serves as the program manager for a federal security contractor. Todd has hundreds of hours of practical experience training people of all skill levels in active shooter and emergency response, and has worked extensively in the healthcare security industry in developing training programs that can be presented to staff members of all levels.

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2 responses to “7 Step Active Shooter Threat Assessment & Action Plan”

  1. Chris Smoot says:

    I am interested in the on line active shooter course, for myself and my partner. Do we need to purchase it twice, or will we both be able to watch?

  2. JC Newton says:

    I work in state government. I am in a situation that I used my Federal Training as far as “Plausible Threat” actions,but am being beratd by almost everyone in the building to include my counterpart on the other side of the building.

    An employee came to me and told me that another employee had an EPO on an individual who had trashed her house and threatened physical harm. The guy has several Domestic Violence charges, and was being released from jail that.day. I had the building locked down and requested a meeting of all involved as well as upper management.

    Can you please tell me 1) Did I take the correct action? and 2) Where can I find in print the correct course of action.

    Thank You,

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