Stop Shootings Before They Start: Proactively Detect Threats with Visual AI

Join this free webinar to learn how AI is transforming school safety by allowing schools to proactively detect threats and by sending alerts to the proper authorities automatically.

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Active shootings in schools continue to rise. Last year broke a record with 346 school shootings – the most in over four decades. Of those 346 school shootings, 38 resulted in injuries or deaths, highlighting the need for active shooter prevention.

Law enforcement experts say what happened in Uvalde is reminiscent of what occurred in prior mass shootings, including Columbine. This is why there continues to be significant growth in public and private organizations leaning into technology to detect weapons in seconds and automatically initiate emergency responses that save lives.

However, the problem is that current detection methods are reactive and need more scalability. Gunshot detectors, alarms, and current video camera technology identify active shooting events after they have started. Current camera systems also require constant vigilance, with human attention spans notoriously limited.

Visual AI is a technology that proactively detects threats, automatically alerting the proper authorities and helping to stop active shootings before they start. In this webinar, you’ll hear from real-life school Superintendents leveraging Visual AI technology in their schools. They will speak to the value it’s brought them, the use cases they leverage, processes, learnings, and more.

Register today to learn how AI is transforming school safety and helping ensure our students, teachers, and administrators can get back to focusing on education.

Attendees will:

  1. Learn what visual AI is and the role it can play in preventing school shootings
  2. Learn how visual AI combines computer vision and deep learning to identify weapons and suspicious activity proactively
  3. Hear from Superintendents who currently leverage Visual AI, the reasons they implemented it, the value it brings, advice they may have, and more
  4. See Visual AI in action with a live demo
  5. Learn how Visual AI can be used in schools for much more than just weapon detection, including how it can detect suspicious scenarios such as loitering, propped doors, perimeter breaches, and more
  6. Learn how to choose the right AI partner


Stephen Gold
Stephen Gold
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, SparkCognition

Stephen Gold is the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer bringing over 30 years of experience, including B2B application software development, AI and data science, and IoT services.

He previously was the General Manager of Honeywell’s $2.5B Connected enterprise, where he led the digital transformation and IoT advancement of this century-old $40B manufacturer. As Group CMO of IBM Watson, Gold was one of the principal business architects who delivered next-generation AI technology, driving over 10,000 engagements.

Prior positions included CCO of HZO, CMO of SPSS, President of Aberdeen Group, and President & CEO of Azerity. Gold has also served on various private and public boards, and has been featured on various media outlets, including CNN, CNBC, Today Show, and Fox News.

Jodie Sasse
Jodie Sasse
Vice President of Visual AI Advisor, Visual AI, SparkCognition

Jodie Sasse is an accomplished leader and advisor to companies seeking innovative software solutions to solve their most critical business problems.

Throughout her 20+ year career in the technology industry, she has developed a passion for helping companies unlock growth, optimize performance, and realize return on their technology investments.

As SparkCognition’s Vice President of Visual AI Advisor, she drives the outcomes for clients with safety, security, productivity, inspection, and situational awareness challenges.

Before joining SparkCognition, Sasse held various roles at Twilio, Equals3 AI, IBM, and IBM Watson. She has a BS in Finance and Economics from Syracuse University and an MBA from Suffolk University.

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