University of Kentucky Rewarding Students Who Follow Coronavirus Rules

Students who have a compliance rate of 90% or higher in filling out daily health screenings will be entered into a random drawing for prizes each month.

University of Kentucky Rewarding Students Who Follow Coronavirus Rules

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Will incentivizing college students with prizes get them to follow coronavirus protocols? The University of Kentucky (UK) certainly hopes so after implementing a new program that rewards students for their compliance.

Although colleges and universities throughout the United States have implemented new rules in order to curb the COVID-19 pandemic, schools are having to discipline students for not following procedures, like avoiding large gatherings or quarantining after testing positive. This negligence has led to large outbreaks at many campuses across the country.

In response, UK officials came up with the idea to offer prizes to students who do their part to protect themselves and others.

Like at most schools, UK students are expected to fill out daily health screenings. Through monthly drawings, the Cats Above 90 Screening incentive program will reward students who have a high compliance rate for completing the screenings, according to the school. Each month, students who have a compliance rate of 90% or higher will be entered into a random drawing. For UK students, the average population completing daily screening currently stands at 63%.

A total of 50 prizes will be given away every month, which includes 20 nylon hammocks that can be used across the campus’ hammock gardens. The remaining prizes will be $5 gift cards for coffee.

The first drawing will happen in early October and will be based on September’s daily screening data. The second drawing will cover October screenings and the final drawing will be based on November data up until Thanksgiving break.

“Our students already are doing a great job completing their screenings,” said UK Chief Marketing Officer Julie Balog, who initiated the program. “But, we know that we still have many months of this ahead of us and reinforcing good habits, like completing the daily screening, is crucial to keeping our students, and those who interact with them, safe. We just want them to keep up the great work.”

The school has also created a website that encourages all to “do your part.” It includes information on wearing a mask, washing hands, keeping physical distance and completing the daily wellness screening. It also launched a #ProtectRespect campaign which includes social media-ready messages with shareable graphics and Zoom virtual backgrounds.

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2 responses to “University of Kentucky Rewarding Students Who Follow Coronavirus Rules”

  1. Randy says:

    I’m curious if Pavlov would be elated for present day repetitive proving of his theory or angered by the need for adult incentives toward alleged future leaders in order to remain hygienic. Are reprimands for misconduct violations also included, or just the you did good trophies? Continued coddling of students at higher education facilities will only further diminish the very definition of (mature) adulthood. I could not find any published sources on punitive measures for UK.

  2. Lovas hersi says:

    I attend University of North Carolina and various students are not following the rules. As an international student from the United Kingdom I regret studying abroad. Hopefully these types of rewards helps.

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