How Smart Organizations Predict and Prevent Possible Threats with Data-based Analysis

Key Insights to Shift Workplace Security Monitoring from Reactive to Proactive

How Smart Organizations Predict and Prevent Possible Threats with Data-based Analysis

As security’s focus evolves, security professionals are no longer only risk mitigators; they are key players in overall business strategy.

The truth for every business unit is that it is far more expensive to explain what went wrong than to allocate funds to prevent threats. Yet most organizations struggle to justify preventative spending.

Traditionally, high security organizations spend a fortune annually to ensure both physical and digital security. This includes spending on access systems, security operations centers, alarm management, surveillance and other security monitoring, as well as a large team of security personnel concerned with mitigating emerging threats.

However, most of the spending is on real-time reactive systems. Real-time monitoring can only have a positive impact if threats are detected, analyzed, and solved rapidly enough to prevent incidents.

Smart organizations don’t just gather and report information — they leverage business analytics, and the benefits are visible across many departments. However, there can be challenges to adopting predictive solutions, including:

  • Lack of quality data
  • Lack of expertise and understanding
  • Perceived as an all-or-nothing proposition

Effective use of predictive solutions (especially for physical security) focuses priorities to mitigate the largest security threats first, and in doing so, focuses spending to help make operations more efficient.

For insights on how to overcome these challenges and utilize predictive analytics to prevent threats to your organization, download this white paper — HID SAFE Analytics: Predict and Prevent Possible Threats with Data-based Analysis.

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