Hikvision Introduces Dedicated Cybersecurity Hotline

Installing security contractors and other partners can use a direct phone line to discuss cybersecurity issues related to Hikvision equipment.

Hikvision Introduces Dedicated Cybersecurity Hotline

Partners can reach the Hikvision cybersecurity hotline directly by calling (626) 723-2100.

Hikvision, a supplier of video surveillance solutions, has announced the establishment of a dedicated cybersecurity hotline for its contractors, clients and technology partners.

“It is important to acknowledge that no product or security system is 100 percent secure from a cybersecurity breach,” says Hikvision USA president Jeffrey He. He noted that the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) community, which tracks security breaches, uncovered approximately 200 cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the video surveillance category.

Of those, He says, “only 8 CVEs have been issued for Hikvision products. All of these vulnerabilities have been patched in the latest version of firmware, which is available from our website.”

The company encourages its partners to update all equipment to the latest available firmware.

“Updating firmware is an effective way to safeguard equipment from cyberattacks and eliminate known vulnerabilities. Firmware updates are available on the Hikvision website”, says Chuck Davis, Hikvision director of cybersecurity for North America.

Hikvision partners can reach the Hikvision cybersecurity hotline by calling 626-723-2100 or by dialing the general technical support line at 866-200-6690 and pressing “5.” Cybersecurity support representatives can also be reached through email at techsupport.usa@hikvision.com.

“Cybersecurity is Hikvision’s top priority,” says He. “Innovation and R&D are integral parts of our technology development, and continuous improvements to our cybersecurity support with this hotline solidify our commitment to secure our products even further.”

Hikvision manufactures standard- and high-definition cameras and a variety of IP and analog cameras.

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