5 Naughty Animals Caught on Video Surveillance

In one video, a sheriff’s deputy was delivering civil papers to a home when a goat decided to climb into her cruiser for an afternoon snack.

5 Naughty Animals Caught on Video Surveillance

A cow wanders into a police station. A bear walks into a convenience store. These sound like the beginnings of pretty terrible jokes, but they are actual incidents that were caught on video surveillance.

As we know, video surveillance is just one way to keep people safe — whether it be at schools, hospitals, places of worship, retail store, restaurants or any place that people gather. Unfortunately, most of the video surveillance footage studied for learning purposes or shared in the media isn’t wholesome content.

To add a little entertainment, the first Friday of each month, we’ll be posting a collection of video surveillance footage as a quirky alternative to most of the other content featured on Campus Safety.

Check out this month’s slideshow!

Especially in times like today where there is a lot of uncertainty and social and political turmoil in our country, it is important for your mental health and well-being to take some time out of your day for a good laugh.

Do you have any funny or unbelievable video surveillance footage from your campus you’d be willing to share with us? We’re happy to keep the location and details anonymous!

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