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Managing Controversial Speakers on College Campuses

Here’s how U.S. institutions of higher education are attempting to address the security issues surrounding controversial speakers and…

News April 22
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domestic terrorism

Report: Racially Motivated Extremists Pose Most Deadly Domestic Threat

New reports also found a significant increase in white supremacist propaganda and anti-Asian hate crimes in 2020.

News March 18
Demonstrations Extremism Hate Crimes Protest Race Terrorism Vehicle Accident White Nationalists

Extremists Targeting Protestors with Vehicle Attacks

There have been at least 50 vehicle-ramming incidents since late May when protests erupted across the country after…

News June 22
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Anti-Semitism Coronavirus Extremism Police Race White Nationalists
extremist groups covid-19

Extremist Groups Urging Members to Spread COVID-19 to Police, Jews

An alert issued by the FBI on Thursday said members are being instructed to spread their bodily fluids…

News March 24
Campus Safety Campus Security Extremism Race Research Social Media Student Safety White Nationalists
boogaloo movement

Report: “Boogaloo” Extremist Movement Spreading Through Social Media Memes

The "boogaloo" movement, which advocates for a violent uprising against the government, has made its way into mainstream…

News February 20
Anti-Semitism Extremism Hate Crimes Hate Speech LGBTQ+ Issues Public Safety White Nationalists
Hate Groups

SPLC Finds 30% Increase in Hate Groups over Last 4 Years

For the fourth year in a row, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) reports that hate and domestic…

News February 21
Campus Violence Investigations Protest Race White Nationalists
Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer and 9 Protesters Banned from UVA for 4 Years

Police charge Spencer and nine other protestors for their involvement in the violent riots that broke out during…

News October 29
Budgets Event Security Free Speech Hate Speech Protest Race White Nationalists

University of Utah Might Bill Students for Controversial Speaker Security

The move to charge for security comes after the school paid $25,000 to protect an event featuring controversial…

News October 10
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