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Weapons Detection

Colo. State Board Votes to Reverse Concealed Weapons Policy


Georgia School District Launches Random Searches


CS Opinion Poll Results on Weapons, Legal Drinking and Driving Ages


Quick Thinking, Technology and Training Save the Day at Hillsdale High

Survey Shows 1 in 4 K-12 Teachers Worry About Student Weapons


Concealed Guns on Campus Draws 64% Opposition


Still Learning 10 Years Later

Supreme Court Declares School Strip Search Illegal


Read: On Patrol: All Together Now! Partnerships Make the Difference in Beaverton

On Patrol: All Together Now! Partnerships Make the Difference in Beaverton

By reaching out to local community agencies, such as local law enforcement, school volunteers, parents and staff, Beaverton (Ore.) School District Director of Public Safety Randy Kayfes has created an environment that not only protects the district’s campuses, but also allows students, parents and staff to express their concerns.

Read: Achieving Metal Detection Optimization

Achieving Metal Detection Optimization

Answering the following seven questions will put you on the path toward properly installing and using today’s metal detection technology.

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