Panel Determines United States Failing to Address Biothreat


Read: In Honor of 9/11, Let’s Keep It Real

In Honor of 9/11, Let’s Keep It Real

Read: Suicide Bombers: Are you a target?

Suicide Bombers: Are you a target?

Since 9/11, terrorism and its affect on the healthcare environment are always-present factors in disaster planning. Recognizing the characteristics of suicide bombers, their possible motivations and behavior indicators, and acting on that information can reduce the likelihood of an attack occurring at your medical facility.

Read: Defending Your Campus Against WMDs

Defending Your Campus Against WMDs

Hospital, university and school security professionals can’t afford to just have good disaster response plans when weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) are involved. Understanding the various types that could be used, the kinds of risks a site could face and the appropriate preventive measures available can help campuses ward off an attack.

Read: Ridge Unabridged

Ridge Unabridged

In an exclusive Campus Safety interview, former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Tom Ridge provides a high-level view of national security from the federal government down to local school, university and hospital campuses. The ex-Pennsylvania governor discusses his legacy and the future of DHS, as well as how security technology and personnel must work in concert to protect America.

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