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Why Colleges Should Care About Low Frequency Sounders

Some fire departments are requiring low frequency sounders be installed retroactively due to these devices being more effective…

News February 2
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There have been several recent incidents involving armed officers who forgot to take their guns with them after using the bathroom on a K-12 campus. guns in bathrooms, police, security officers, negligent discharge

Why Bathroom Breaks Are Making Schools Less Safe and a Solution to Consider

Interviews with teachers about why they don’t want their doors to be closed and locked are not about…

Insights September 5
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vaping, Green Dot, HALO

Sensors Help Green Dot California Schools Win the War on Vaping

Green Dot installed HALO IoT Smart Sensors in the restrooms of 11 of its campuses to detect student…

News July 31
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UNCG, UNC Greensboro, fire safety, Greensboro

UNC Greensboro Teams Up with Greensboro F.D. to Improve Fire Safety

To improve fire safety on campus and in the community, two UNCG communication studies classes teamed up with…

Press Releases June 9
Fire Alarm Smoke Detection
Performance-Based Smoke Detection

Fire Protection: Safeguarding Historic Structures with Advanced Smoke Detection

Open-area Smoke Imaging Detection (OSID) offers early warning in high, voluminous spaces without intrusive ceiling mount

Press Releases September 12
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Honeywell Survey: Security And Safety Top The List Of Education Facility Priorities

Surveyed facility managers cite campus access control, site security and occupant safety as key focus areas.

Press Releases July 30
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Iraqi Hospital Fire Kills at Least 82, Alleged Negligence the Cause

Poor security procedures and lack of regulations are being blamed for a deadly fire at Ibn al-Khatib Hospital.

News April 28
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Performance-Based Smoke Detection

Performance-Based Smoke Detection Reduces Cost, Enhances Safety

For special architectural features such as atria and large open spaces, advanced smoke detection technology detects smoke at…

News April 16
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FreshAir Debuts Smoking Detection System for Schools

FreshAir1's sensors are able to monitor for and detect specific molecules in both tobacco and marijuana smoke.

Press Releases January 9
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