School Security

Steven Segal Offers School Security Training for Ariz. Volunteers

Maryland County to Spend $3.7M on School Safety Improvements

Obama and the NRA’s School Security Plans Are Both Right… and Wrong

Here are the pros and cons of the White House’s school security proposal and the NRA’s “National School Shield” program.

Read: Your Emergency Notification Cheat Sheet

Your Emergency Notification Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of the most commonly used emergency alert systems.

Obama Proposes $150M to Put SROs in Schools

Before Sandy Hook Conn. Lawmakers Cut School Safety Funding Program

IACP President Questions NRA School Security Plan

Delaware Bill Requires Comprehensive School Safety Plans

Read: Ohio District Overhauls Its  2-Way Radios

Ohio District Overhauls Its 2-Way Radios

In order to comply with the rapidly approaching FCC narrowbanding mandate and ease communication between its campuses and first responders, the South-Western City School District underwent a major radio system upgrade. The new system allows for district-wide communication with digital radios, GPS tracking on buses and instant access to the Grove City police dispatch center.

Body Parts Mailed to Schools Linked to Canadian Porn Star

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