Video Shows Texas School Officer Body Slamming Student

The officer was fired after the video was brought to the superintendent’s attention.

N.C. Hospital Cited for Poor Communication, Coordination Between Staff and Security

Rex Hospital in North Carolina was recently given a citation by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that threatens to cut its Medicaid reimbursements.

Man Dies in Custody Outside Hospital

A man who was barred from entering Wesley Long Hospital for disruptive behavior was handcuffed by hospital security when he attempted to enter the facility. He then became unresponsive.

Minnesota Hospital Under Investigation for Use of Restraints, Seclusion

However, prior to the investigation, the hospital had reduced the number of patient hours in restraint or seclusion from 174 to 31.

Patient Dies After Attacking 4 Nurses

Police attempted to subdue the man with a Taser but then had to physically retrain him. During the struggle, the man died.

Read: How UMHHC Went From Controversy to Triumph

How UMHHC Went From Controversy to Triumph

Here’s how one Michigan healthcare organization overcame a scandal to win the IAHSS Lindberg Bell award.

Calif. District Fires Campus Security Supervisor Accused of Harming Student

Inmate Wounds Corrections Officer at Neb. Hospital

Patient Dies After Being Handcuffed at S.C. Hospital

Lawsuit Alleges Widespread Abuse by Kansas Military School

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