iPads Not Quite Ready for Doctor Use

Is There An App for That?

We’ve identified 46 smartphone apps that bring an array of in-field technology tools to patrol officers.

Read: Smartphone Apps for Cops

Smartphone Apps for Cops

Smartphone software applications bring targeted tools to improve communication, manage information, translate other languages, and gather useful information while in the field.

Read: Your Rights Under FERPA

Your Rights Under FERPA

Here’s what you need to know about campus police, security and administratoraccess to student school records and student arrest information.

Nurse Fired for Accessing Tiger Woods’ Medical Records

The Challenges of Tracking Potentially Dangerous People

With the Tucson, Ariz., shootings, the nation was once again witness to a mass homicide that had connections to an Institution of Higher Education (IHE).

Read: Electronic Privacy on the Job

Electronic Privacy on the Job

Can a department monitor its officers’ use of official devices?

6 Hospitals Fined For Failing to Protect Patient Data

Rutgers Students Involved in Web Cam Case Withdraw from School

List of Failing Students Accidentally Sent to Whole Campus

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