Officer Discipline

Campus Police Chief Investigated for Sending Inappropriate Messages to Student

A student accused University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Police Chief Michael Marzion with sending her sexually explicit messages on the social networking site Reddit.

Sleeping on the Job: Terminate or Accommodate?

When managers catch workers sleeping on the job, does that automatically constitute a basis for termination of employment?

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How to Be an Effective Leader

Make your department’s vision a reality by adopting these positive management skills.

Calif. District Fires Campus Security Supervisor Accused of Harming Student

School Security Guard Accused of Brandishing Gun Inside Pa. Gas Station

Phillips Named New NIU Police Chief

Former Campus Cop Faces Assault Charges

Former College Police Chief Pleads Guilty to Theft

Getting Busted for Having a Personal Life

Cops are being crucified for the things they do off the job while not identified as officers. That’s Un-American.

N.Y. Cop Resigns Over Accidental Discharge at High School

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