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Seattle School Shooter Texts Showed Signs of Problems

Court records show Jaylen Fryberg sent messages to his family and friends before the shooting at Marysville-Philchuck High School.

Pocatello Wants Idaho State Univ. Security to Stop Police Work

The city cites examples of the university’s security officers overstepping their boundaries.

Sandy Hook Advisory Commission: Info on Lanza Should Have Been Shared

Hamden Mayor Scott Jackson said Adam Lanza didn’t have to become a violent adult.

Baltimore County Leaders Ask for $10M for School Security Equipment

Baltimore County leaders want to add more security equipment on top of one-card system in schools.

Data Breach Compromises Information of Nearly 700 Patients

A Florida hospital employee is accused of illegally distributing paperwork containing patient names, DOBs and Social Security numbers.

Former Student Arrested in School Shooting Plot

Four of his friends have also been arrested for threatening whistleblowers.

Aurora Theater Shooting Defense Says U of Colorado Possibly Withheld Records

Lawyers claim school might have kept under wraps records that showed the institution didn’t act on information it had about Holmes being a threat.

Read: 2 Teens Arrested for Plotting High School Mass Shooting

2 Teens Arrested for Plotting High School Mass Shooting

Three teachers and two students at South Pasadena High School were specifically named as targets.

13 Ways You Can Prevent a School Rampage

Here’s how a rural-suburban high school was able to thwart an active shooter and active bomber attack.

Texas Teen Brings 3 Loaded Guns to School, Planned to Make Threats

A loaded AK-47 was discovered in the bathroom.

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