UPDATE: 72 Houston Schools Fail Safety Test


Suspected Hospital Gunman Posed as Victim’s Brother


College Reverses Ban on Muslim Veils


ID Checks May Reduce Parent Participation

WACO, Texas

Football Riot Prompts Security Changes in Okla. School District

TULSA, Okla.

Infant Abduction Prompts Hospitals to Boost Security


Out With the Old, In With the New

Riverside Community College District decided it was time to upgrade its ID cards to be multi-functioning tools for students, faculty and staff.

Read: 7 Steps to Updating IDs for Maximum Impact

7 Steps to Updating IDs for Maximum Impact

When it comes to ID cards, a number of school, university and hospital administrators are learning that their campus identification credentials may not be adequately designed for today’s increased security and productivity needs. For many, it’s time for an extreme makeover.

Read: Say 'Goodbye' to Your Paper Guest Log

Say 'Goodbye' to Your Paper Guest Log

Relying on archaic paper guest logs to chronicle who enters a building and why can make public safety and campus administrators understandably nervous. Electronic visitor management systems can help hospitals, schools and universities keep better track of guests.

Read: At DSU, Efficiency and Security Do Mix

At DSU, Efficiency and Security Do Mix

When Delaware State University upgraded its access control system, it discovered that today’s integrated technology can help to not only decrease crime and increase arrest rates, but also streamline other campus operations.

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