Gang Prevention

Read: Kyli’s Story

Kyli’s Story

Kyli wasn’t having problems with the law, and her grades weren’t really suffering. Instead, her problems were more with relationships at school. Kyli was ready for a change, and she found the tools she needed in PRIDE.

Read: Marcos’ Story

Marcos’ Story

In September 2009, 14-year-old Marcos was caught tagging by local police. Officers told Marcos’ father about PRIDE, who then enrolled him in the program.

How to Start a Youth Intervention Program

Read: Hope for At-Risk Teens

Hope for At-Risk Teens

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s youth intervention program helps troubled youth turn their lives around.

Are Safety Issues Driving Away Your Students?

Decreasing school populations may, in part, be the result of students’ real or perceived fears.

Combined Cleveland Schools Put Rival Gangs on Same Campus

The History of Street Gangs

For those of you who believe that gang activity is a modern-day phenomenon, guess again

Read: Dropping the ‘Persistently Dangerous’ Designation

Dropping the ‘Persistently Dangerous’ Designation

An IP video system has helped the Donna Independent School District combat gang violence and border issues.

High School Shooting Leaves 2 Injured


Gang Members Increasingly Using Twitter and Facebook to Brag


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