Free Speech

Anti-Abortion Activists Sue Community College

UC Davis Pepper Spray Report Must Include Officers’ Names

Westboro Baptist Church Demonstrates at Nicholls State

Appropriate handling of the protests by police and effective university policies ensured the protests remained peaceful.

Judge Dismisses Anti-Semitism Suit Against UC Berkeley

Judge OKs Suit Over Banned T-Shirts

Read: Calif. Video Game Law Struck Down By Supreme Court

Calif. Video Game Law Struck Down By Supreme Court

Students, ACLU Angered Over UC Davis’ Team of Volunteer Spies

Bus Driver Suspended for Confederate Flag Display

Teacher Suspended for Insulting Students in Blog

The Challenges of Tracking Potentially Dangerous People

With the Tucson, Ariz., shootings, the nation was once again witness to a mass homicide that had connections to an Institution of Higher Education (IHE).

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