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Early Warning Sirens

Town of Paradise Partners with HQE Systems to Install SiRcom Early Warning Sirens

The town of Paradise was almost completely destroyed by the 2018 Camp wildfire, losing 95% of its structures,…

Press Releases September 3
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Rethinking School Safety

Rethinking School Safety: Taking Action with Common Sense and Improved Standards

Questioning and challenging conventional wisdom and traditional school safety plans is essential to improving our response to active…

Insights August 9
Director of the Year Drills Emergency Communications Emergency Planning Evacuation Evacuation Plans Reunification School Safety Student Safety

Collaboration is Key to Leader Success, Secure Campuses

From his very first day on the job, K-12 Director of the Year winner Allen Cain has collaborated…

Awards November 9
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bomb threats colleges

Suspect Identified in At Least 12 Bomb Threats Made Against Mississippi Colleges

The additional threats come just days after at least two dozen colleges and universities in other states received…

News August 2
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Buchholz High School

Arrest Made After 4 False Bomb Threats at Buchholz High School

Four bomb threats were made in less than three weeks, leading to evacuations and significant responses from local…

News September 14
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student asthma attack

Tabletop Exercise 2: Worsening Odor Leads to Student Asthma Attack

An unpleasant smell triggers a student's asthma and causes a teacher's eyes to water and nose to burn.…

News October 29
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States Adjusting Hurricane Plans to Account for Coronavirus Challenges

States Adjusting Hurricane Plans to Account for Coronavirus Challenges

Although school gymnasiums are commonly used as shelters, some counties are considering using other parts of schools as…

News June 3
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active shooters in healthcare facilities

Effectively Responding to Active Shooters in Healthcare Facilities

“Secure, Preserve, Fight” can be an alternative way to respond to active shooters in healthcare settings when “Run,…

News February 6
Evacuation Plans Features Lockdown Locks Locks and Door Hardware Training
school lockdowns

9 Tips for More Effective School Lockdowns

Keeping doors locked, avoiding codes and having reverse evacuation protocols will help to ensure your lockdowns are implemented…

News October 7
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