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Intrado Safety Suite Emergency Notification Solution Connects Campuses Directly to First Responders

Additionally, Intrado’s new Wearable Panic Button enables users to immediately request assistance and works both on and off…

Sponsored March 7
AT&T E911 Emergency Communications FirstNet Intrado Panic Alarms Panic Buttons Public Safety Security Technology
Intrado Safety Shield

AT&T, FirstNet Debut New Intrado Safety Shield Solution with Wearable Panic Button

The Intrado Safety Shield solution offers a wearable panic button for staff to reduce emergency response time by…

Press Releases August 6
E911 Emergency Communications Emergency Response Student Safety University Security

Colleges and Universities at Higher Risk for Noncompliance with RAY BAUM’S Act

College campus phone systems fall under the RAY BAUM's Act which requires all 911 calls to include a…

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