Technology Innovations Address School Security Threats

Advanced communications instantly connect schools directly with first responders

The frequency of school shootings in our nation places security in the forefront of the minds of parents, teachers and administrators. Some find comfort in statistics, pointing out that school shootings are rare compared to the number of students in schools. This is a mistake. “It can’t happen here” is a myth. School shootings have happened everywhere – in rural, suburban and urban school districts; in elementary, middle, and high schools; at colleges and universities.

The reasons for this phenomenon are complex. Our ability to predict a threat is poor without clear red flags of intent. Even when present, they often go unnoticed or unreported.

The school security landscape must adapt to combat these threats. Schools must protect students and staff. When faced with danger, schools must take action to protect students. The goal has to be to protect human lives. Many districts, like Seminole County, Florida, are doing so through technology innovations.

One technology, Mutualink, is an advanced communications solution that instantly connects school communications directly with responding police. Known as multimedia interoperability, it enables schools to share video with responders and connects radios to coordinate. With up-to-the-moment information, responders can swiftly act, saving valuable time

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